Why Money Lending Originated?

The term “lending” dates back to ancient times. In our daily lives, we have all heard or said this word. The term loans will change as long as there are people on the planet. Up until this point, money lending has undergone numerous extensions and alterations. The sole drawback to receiving several perks as a citizen of any given nation is having to pay interest to lenders when returning borrowed money.

What is the Practice Money Lending?

Although each person’s response is unique, they all come to the same conclusion—“getting the money for interest”—in the end. An individual receives a loan from a lender, which they are required to repay with pre-determined interest. Pawnbrokers good at money lending in Chinatown have the best schemes and plans to offer to those who yearn to  get loans with the best elements of the service.

How did Money Lending Originate?

Three thousand years ago, in Medieval Greece and Rome, the lending was invented. The pawnbrokers used one of the earliest lending practices. In order to lower the risk for the lender, pawnbrokers lend by requesting collateral from the borrower. In the beginning, the trading of goods followed this method. People could borrow money from a lender and then give him the same quantity of things in exchange. People in the zamindar system borrow money from pastoral nomads and then work for them to pay it back. The mill owners give money to farmers so they can grow their own grains and then buy those grains from them.

Evolution of Money Lending

Eventually, the early 1800s saw the emergence of the new lending period. During this time, the housing society and investment fund society were founded. Later, a property loan caused significant a shift in the system. The mortgagors secured the loans using the security of their real estate. Since then, the loan system has expanded steadily and changed in line with technological advancement.

Modern System of Money Lending

With the introduction of technology into banks and other financial organizations in the 1950s, the contemporary lending system began to take shape. The government established institutions such as the RBI in India, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in Singapore, and the Federal Reserve System in the USA to oversee and regulate the banking systems in those nations. Banks began giving their clients loans depending on their demands and goals. The institutions and other financial organizations offer many different kinds of loans in present day.

Digitalization of Money Lending Systems

The 21st century saw the beginning of the digital era of lending. Financial and banking services underwent a digital transformation that paved the door for online financing. A lot of economic software has been developed to eliminate the human labour and outdated procedures now used in the lending sector.

Lending has been much simpler for both lenders and borrowers since the advent of internet and mobile banking. Recent developments have seen Amazon enter the lending market by offering loans to suppliers and educational loans to its top-tier student customers.


Many more modifications are occurring now and will do so in the future. People are transitioning entirely to an automated society where everything is accessible through their smartphones and is available online. Due to the fact that consumers have begun utilizing expensive smartphones, these devices may one day be used as security for payday loans.