The Apostle Who Was a Willing Slave of Jesus Christ – Could You Be For This High Calling?

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A true scientist is taught by the results of his experimentation, or experience. In this way let us who seek Christ seek Him experimentally. All Christ-followers are called to maintain this as their experiment: To actively seek God’s will until the day they die.

A sincere lover of truth lets his mind and convictions be conformed to the evident truth, which remains true apart from any puny man. False seekers, however, are those who arbitrarily decide what is right before they have knocked on any doors or asked for any answers. Such is the unreasonableness of sinful men, that they will fling themselves down to hell in order to be right, rather than find out what is right.

Small minds impose their own versions of “the way things should be” on the world around them. They even impose their smallness on God Himself. However, any god that can be molded by men is not God.

But greater is the man that lets God be Himself so that God might make that man into a man of God. From now ’till our deathbeds, if we consistently leave ourselves open to Christ and let Him define Himself, then there will be no doubt that He is the One who makes this life worthwhile.

And, if we seek Him at all, then we should do who is jesus christ so diligently. If our thirst is genuine then let’s embrace such an extremely sincere mindset that, in all humility, we will not give up until we find out whether Jesus is the Christ or if we should we look for someone else.

It’s this kind of seeking that we’re calling “experimentation.” This is a God-honoring quality of seeking.

And we who belong to Christ are designed to experiment collectively. We can only contribute to God’s kingdom God’s way, which means we can only succeed as an entire church of God. Our individual objectives in this experiment amounts to a singular, corporate goal, the culmination of which will be a product of Christ’s handiwork, not at all our own doing.

If I am Christ’s and if you are Christ’s, then I can’t know my place in Christ as He intended without you also knowing your place. I am not Christ’s apart from you, and you are not His apart from me. We are all equally Christ’s, equally second place to Him, the Head. And all of the people whom He purposefully chose make up His fullness on earth. This is how God intended His fullness to exist on earth. This has been His goal since before the world existed.

God has given us at least a glimpse of a greater spiritual house, made mysteriously with redeemed souls. This house follows a heavenly pattern, which doesn’t naturally make sense to us. We can’t duplicate this divine work on our own. For this reason, God’s designs for His church and His general way of doing things tend to make us uncomfortable.