Smart Tips About How To Plan A Vacation In Spain

Having lived in Spain for over 18 years and brought 2 children up here, I have been
through all the highs and lows and understand how important a decision this is,
not only for you but for your whole family.

Making the decision Moving to spain aparments Spain is easier than you think. I remember sitting on the plane when I came to live here thinking `Oh my God, what am i doing… In reality it is easy if you have drive, determination and patience. 18 years later and I still cant believe I am lucky enough to live here and have to pinch myself every morning. The lifestyle in Spain is much slower than the UK and things take longer to get done. The hot weather will definitely be one of the biggest attractions but please don’t move for this reason alone. The 320 days a year of sunshine is lovely but you will need to think about where you will live how you will survive financially. Well paid, legal, jobs are not easy to find so maybe you are thinking about starting a business? Sol Commercials offer a full relocation service to enable a stress free move to Spain. We can also help you find long term rental accommodation and give free advice to anyone thinking of buying a home.

Before you leave the UK You will have to decide which possessions you will take to Spain, which you will leave in the UK and which items you should sell before you leave. All your electrical goods will work in Spain, however, your TV will only work if you view Sky TV and will not work for Spanish TV. Most rental accommodation comes fully furnished so please check with your new landlord to see if you are able to bring furniture etc. Medical insurance: There has been a lot of TV programs highlighting the problems British people face here in Spain when they fall ill. If you are working and paying social security you are entitled to free national health medical treatment. There are no social services in Spain so aftercare is left to the families of the patient. A new law will be passed in the next year to entitle all EU nationalities under retirement age to receive free health care but this is not the case today. If you are retiring early to Spain you must have private medical cover.