Music Review – Songs From the Bicycle Club by Dave Schultz and Purple Hank

“Songs from The Bicycle Club” is a CD that accompanies Dave Schultz’ e book, “The Bicycle Club”. This tune is gritty Americana at its center. It is commonly approximately booze, love, one night stands and the blurry lines among those elements that exist in dark taverns and roadhouses.

Dave is unapologetic for the fabric. It is a fashion of track that began possibly with Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash however persevered with songwriters like Bob Dylan and Steve Earle. Clearly, it’s far the brink of society that attracts the attention of Dave Schultz.

For me, taking note of this style of track is a lot like studying records or fiction. That is, we will listen to songs and enjoy a subculture that isn’t always our very own.

For others, the reality of their personal lifestyles 강남풀싸롱 may additionally resonate via the words and melodies of this music. I pick out to offer handiest my judgment of the tune in this context and go away moral judgments of my fellow guy to those who are relaxed in such subjects.

Similarly, the Blues is a superb example of knowledge part of way of life thru track, I assume. When I commenced my retrospective into the Blues, I started to comprehend greater than the music, I commenced to comprehend the lifestyle from which it turned into drawn. I dare say that maximum oldsters might not need to stay the existence of a sharecropper, but a number of the early blues were derived from the experience of farm people in rural America at some point of hard times. But, this isn’t always a purist shape of blues and it isn’t always about sharecroppers.

These are drinking songs. Drinking songs have existed for lots centuries. The Irish, English and the Germans have lengthy traditions of consuming songs which are typically festive. Americans also have ingesting songs which can be festive and mild.

However, those songs are a bit darker at times. Some of these songs are approximately the counter tradition of medication and alcohol. We may debate whether it romanticizes the extreme hassle of substance abuse. However, the stories are based totally on cold hard records which might be hard to disregard. Personally, I can recognize the track as an artwork shape without the want to experience it first hand. I actually have misplaced loads of pals and loved ones to substance abuse over time, so I do now not take the difficulty lightly. However, it isn’t always for kids. This song is enjoyment for adults who’re capable of make choices for themselves.

Now that I have exhausted all of my conservative caveats and disclaimers, I would like to say that I honestly just like the songs on this CD. They are all well written and produced. Dave Schultz has a very excellent manner of setting exciting mind into simplistic terms that are widely wide-spread in nature. In my opinion, it’s far the mark of a virtually proficient lyricist to create photos that we are capable of see in our minds. While his songs have incredible lyrics, they also have memorable melodies and Dave has a brilliant singing voice! So, I agree with Dave Schultz merits a niche among the lofty ranks of fantastic singer songwriters. Furthermore, I trust the members of Purple Hank are all very well desirable for this form of song, imparting great textures and demonstrating incredible talent as veteran performers.

January has a pleasant shuffle rhythm that creates a few exciting pics with a super association of gadgets. The tune ends with a refrain this is genuinely pretty thrilling. It starts offevolved with a pleasant change into a minor with introduced strings that are very appropriate. This movements into a major for the final two refrains. In short, January is a beautifully written music with a lasting effect.

Mary Jane is a high-quality love ballad that has first-class snap shots from Dave’s wonderful use of lyrics and phraseology. The horns are a very first-rate contact. I love the emotion of this music that peaks with the repeated “Mary Jane” line on the quit of the tune.

All Boozed Up has a pleasing island experience with a rhumba fashion rhythm and Wes Montgomery fashion comping on guitar. The phrasing and lyrics are tremendous. It is a festive consuming tune with a pleasing counter melody inside the scat line. The bridge also has a pleasant alternate in melody which movements right into a flute break and a stop. I love the jazzy, slightly dissonant finishing.

$200 is a excellent tune approximately a girl down on her good fortune. The track creates the favored impact with remarkable strains