Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, One of the Different Ways to Treat Crohn’s Disease

According to the website Myautisticboy, Autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that affects the way a person communicates with and relates to the people around him. Autism is first noticed when a child reaches the age of three and is more identified by considering the “triads of impairments.”

The triads of impairments are three areas of concern hyperbaric chamber purchase for the autistic person. The three are include social relationships, communication and imagination, and planning. A diagnosis of autism should address all three of these areas as these factors and behaviors can be evaluated through different tests and observations undertaken by medical professions in various fields such as pediatricians and child psychologists.

One recognized treatment for Autism is the alternative medication known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective and safe for autism treatment as it involves having the autistic child inside a pressurized enclosure that has higher than normal atmospheric pressure. There are already several health care professionals who treat autistic individuals that have reported excellent results using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

What is also great about hypebaric oxygen therapy is that it can be taken right at home since hyperbaric chambers are available for sale and for rent. The therapy is very safe that it does not need
doctor’s supervision and requires no medical environment to get the treatment. Hyperbaric Chambers come in two sizes the single and the double bag. Single bag can be operated solo while the double bag needs two people to be operated. The double bag can also fit two people.

Another way to treat autism is through chelation therapy. Chelation therapy is the treatment to remove heavy metal toxicity out of our bodies and uses EDTA as the chelating agent. Autism is believed to be caused by mercury exposure such as from childhood vaccines. And chelation therapy can take mercury out of the autistic child.