Giving Your Child Personalized First Saint Hubert medal

Two world leaders Dalai Lama and George W. Bush were born on July 6. The Dalai Lama’s birth chart shows many signs of a spiritual life.

Saturn, the planet symbolizing spiritual St Hubert Medal for Sale authority, is placed in the Ninth House of religion, and is given mystical tendencies by being in philosophical sign Aquarius. Saturn’s position in 9thhouse in trine to Sun translates into the easy assumption of religious authority. The Sun is also trine to Jupiter, the planet associated with religion and Jupiter is trine to Saturn. Together, these three planets create a wonderful trine. It’s in fact a cosmic blessing denoting wisdom, internal peace and spiritual excellence. Jupiter and Saturn are also symbols of social and political issues. Their relationship with the natal Sun strongly associates Dalai Lama’s personal destiny with the cause of his nation Tibet.

The Moon represents Saint Hubert one’s mind. Dalai Lama was born Saint Hubert with the Moon in opposition to Saturn. It gives high quality discipline and highly developed spiritual teachings. The other splendid placement is the conjunction of Neptune with the Moon. This conjunction perfectly reflects the charisma and compassion for which Dalai Lama is known.

The spiritual leader of Tibet received the Congressional Gold Medal in USA recently. He is currently under the influence of Saturn Mahadasha and Saturn Bhukti and Saturn is the Lord of 9th house well placed and forming Rajayoga in his chart. In D-10 chart, Saturn is placed in the 10th house. So, the impact of Saturn’s influence is in full force and obvious. The Mars of Bush’s chart is exactly conjunct in Dalai Lama’s Moon and both are activated by transiting Saturn. Saturn will be retrograde in mid-December just before it reaches this composite point close enough to keep mutual interest in pressurizing China.

The transiting Mars in Gemini might Saint Hubert become a cause of concern for Dalai Lama and the period around August 2008 just before the opening ceremony of Olympic 2008 could be very eventful, as we could expect both Bush and Dalai Lama to become more expressive, aggressive and assertive, though in different ways. And in return, they can expect more hostility from their political enemies.