Electric Vehicles Vs Good Old Gas

Car company’s are going to keep producing the ICE. This is a given fact for the near future. Because the automobile market is so large and it’s reliance on oil so complete, change will not be a quick process.

Also the consumers have to be taken into consideration as well. People will not change their mode of transportation overnight. Unless there is a clear proven alternative then the change will be slow. Unless the car company’s and those advocating change to alternative energy sources can demonstrate real world viability. By that I mean a vehicle that everyday mom and pops use for everyday driving.

Electric vehicles are hailed as the next big thing. But EV  does the average Joe really know a lot about them. What is the expected range like. Does an EV’s range suffer when you really stick the boot in? Take it up a windy mountain road and will you be able to make it down the other side? Or will you be left at the summit because there is no more power left in the batteries.

If your EV runs out of charge on a deserted stretch of road, it is not like you can just hitch a ride to the nearest gas station and get a spare tank filled and take it back to your car. What are you going to do – run an extension cord X number of miles to recharge your car. Or will it be as simple matter of getting a replacement battery – who really knows?

Consumers want dependability first!

The thing about gas is that it is complete in its grip on the automobile industry. It is so readily available and used in nearly every facet of the industry. Our modern lifestyles are so used to going to the pump every so often. We like the fact we can drive long distances on fuel. Go anywhere and there is a fuel station and an attendant only to willing to pump some more gas into your SUV. “Would you like me to wash your windows too sir?” he says to you, smiling as he pumps more fossil fuel into your car. You barely acknowledge him. All part of everyday life and so easy to cling to. People dislike change especially if the alternative is so unclear.

Extol the virtues of alternative fuels as much as you want. But unless you can assure Mrs Soccer mom that her life will not be adversely affected, then average America will continue to be slow in the adoption of alternative fuels.

If you would like to join the discussion or just find out about the alternative fuel movement. Especially anything HHO and Hydrogen related – head on over to. The website for getting involved in the push for Hydrogen acceptance.