Best and Worst Paying Jobs in Canada

The decline in the number of people looking for jobs was attributed to discouragement of job seekers, especially the youth who rarely get new jobs because the elderly are occupying them. However, as an incentive to increase employees’ output, salary or how much one is paid for the work they do is very important. Below, we are going to explore some of the worst and best jobs in Canada depending on how much they are paid.


Being the eleventh-largest economy in the world, Canada is a service industry dominated economy with logging and oil industries as the country’s most important sectors. Most of the jobs in the category of the best paying jobs in Canada are attributed to the most important sectors in the country. They range from engineering Poltava job jobs to teaching jobs like school administrators. Below are some of Canada’s best jobs depending on how much they pay at the job.

Senior government managers; working in any government is a bonus, it usually smells more money, better bonuses, and the like, this is no different. With a salary of above $95, 000, senior government managers have to have a university degree; it is a bonus if one is bilingual. These usually include directors, deputy ministers and managers.

A Petroleum engineer earning above $92,000 is one of the best paying jobs in Canada. Petroleum engineers are into drilling, production and reservoir engineering which require one to have an understanding of chemical systems, geological formations and computer modeling. To qualify, one has to have an engineering degree and add several skills like technical and soft-skills training among others.

School principal & administrator with a little over #89,000 is also one of the best paid jobs in Canada, a career that many shy away from. Inclusive in this category are school principals, vice-principals, deans and senior administrators of the universities. To qualify for this job, one has to have a masters’ degree in education or an additional specialist in addition to having held an administration position before, to mention but a few.

Real estate & financial managers with a salary of $79,800 are a force to contend with. These encompass real estate agents, underwriters and bond traders among others. With the booming of the housing and commodities sectors, real estate and financial managers have come in high demand. To qualify, one has to have an understanding of finance, have a business degree, having an MBA helps to improve one’s chances of climbing up the career ladder.